Our Process

Because we want to be absolutely certain our stone surfaces are of the highest quality and align perfectly with our customers’ needs, we use the most advanced fabrication technology available, such as the BACA/robot saw, Velocity edge profile machine, laser programmable saws, CNC routers, and waterjet. 

Starting your project we create a digital file of your countertop using a laser templating machine. With that digital file, we cut the countertop using our state-of-the-art CNC BACA/robot saw jet that allows us to replicate the digital file, free of any human error. After the job has been cut we use our CNC machine to create the edge profile you have selected. Finally, we do a hand touch-up to ensure perfection and accuracy. 

The project then heads to your home or business to be installed by one of our professional and experienced installation crews. Because J&J has your safety in mind, all of our employees are put through a rigorous background check prior to being qualified for installations. We incorporate the optimal blend of automation and manual labor in our process to ensure accuracy, as well as quality. 

J&J Imports and Fabrication is proud of the reputation we have earned as a premier natural stone and quartz countertop fabricator. We look forward to serving you and your clients in developing a mutually successful long-term relationship.